Entry to “YugaTech Contest: Show me your PC, win 1TB!”

•August 17, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I have been meaning to do an update to my blog for days now but life gets in the way as usual. Luckily i’m given a chance to redeem myself by joining YugaTech’s Show me your PC, win 1TB contest. Hopefully this can jump start my foray into the blog world once more. And who knows i might even have a WD 1 TB external hard drive to show for my troubles. ūüôā

The task was to create a photo that conveys the idea why you need an extra terabyte hard drive. So armed with my billions of dvd’s, my trustworthy Canon 400D, my¬†night lamp¬†and my¬†indispensable¬†assistant, this is what i came up with.

My second entry appeals to their request that entries should be either cute, weird, funny, creative and or kick ass. I don’t know about being cute, and i most certainly don’t have the money to own a kick ass work station. But creative and weird. those i can do with my eyes closed. ūüėÄ

So there you go… hopefully the next time you’re reading my blog i am already the proud owner of a brand new 1TB external HDD from WD. Wish me luck!

PS: the contest can be found here: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/contests/contest-show-me-your-pc/?cws_acc=1282033223&caught_as=moderation#comment-caught


Shutter Noise Debut

•July 11, 2010 • 2 Comments

Shutter Noise – ¬†is made from the sound of your digital cameras mirror flipping up to allow light in on the sensor and from the shutter opening. For point and shoot cameras however this sound is fabricated, and if you have an old¬†Motorola¬†cellphone¬†like me you have the option to hear a monkey like “kaka” sound whenever you’d take a picture.

For some reason a shutter noise excites me ( no, not in that way you perv ). There is satisfaction in hearing that sound since it means waking up really early or taking a half hour trek was worth it. A good friend of mine once said that 80% of taking a great landscape photography is getting there, and i’d have to agree. However there are other factors involved, 5% for luck (great sky, good weather), 10% for skill ( composition, how much ¬†you already know.. ), 4% for equipment ( filters, tripod, dslr etc.. ), and that last 1% is for when you press the button. It might seem trivial since it is only 1% but believe you me, that 99% is worthless if after you got home you discovered that you moved ever so slightly and is now the owner of a very¬†nice¬†but slightly blurry sunset picture. You might have noticed that¬†I’ve¬†given equipment a measly 4%, and that’s because i dont believe a good camera makes a great photographer, but that’s for another post.

So there you have it, my reason for choosing Shutter Noise as the title for my blog. So relax, enjoy, brace for it and hopefully this wont be that bumpy of a ride. ūüôā